Our quality and distinction comes from our dedication to giving the best,
which helps the client move forward to take care of the rest!

Tetyana's team did a lovely job and they were very efficient. They are very nice people and I will recommend them to everybody. – Skye

I called because I wanted you to know I liked Oleg's crew and they did a very good job. We were very pleased with Maria's work. -- Cheryl B

Vlad was here this morning and I wanted to thank you for your help. I know my house was a disaster, so I just wanted to thank you. I also texted Vlad. -- Rachel

My house looks very nice. Tetyana did a nice job. Thanks, Vinci.

Diane called and said that Tetyana and her crew did great work. She wants to be sure that they return in two weeks. Also, she was very pleased in the way Tetyana made her bed.

I just wanted to say I'm am well pleased with the service that was done on my home by Oleg's crew yesterday. I also want to confirm that someone will be out again on May 5th. Thanks

Joe called to say that he was very happy with the cleaning and he gave Oleg's crew a tip. Thank you

Cathy Ann -
Vlad's crew did an excellent job. Is it too early to schedule my next cleaning?
I was hoping for Wednesday, 10/29. Can you let me know if this will work? -- Kevin

Hi Cathy,
Letting u know that the cleaning group was here this past week and did a very good job. Also I saw my taxi company advertised on your site and wanted to thank you for that. Will be having them back in a few weeks. Thanks for your service.
Take care.  --  Roe Ash

This coming April 1, I will be 10 years in my business. Cathy, I have you to thank for all of this. I want to have a little celebration. Thanks again!!! -- Margarita Z

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know what a great job Irina did yesterday. I was very excited and hope that it continues. I want to continue on a once every three week basis. Will a schedule be set up or will this change every three weeks and I will be notified of the day and time? Please let me know. Again, thanks so much for your help and let Irina know what a great job that she did. It is truly appreciated. – Gail, Director of Operations"

Sharon called to say "I'm very happy with the service. They worked very hard and were very quiet. They did just a wonderful job and they worked thier tails off!"

Vlad, got your message. We look forward to your cleaning on Friday..thanks! Great job last time also. – Laura

I just called to say that Vlad cleaned my place yesterday, and he did a good job! Please put me on a bi-weekly schedule for Wednesdays. – Linda

Good Morning, Mom and I were very pleased with the cleaning. We would like to go with the 6 week program. Thank you. – Sharon

Thank you, Our house is so nice and clean!! A million thanks. Lisa M.H.
PS Can you come again on Monday, December 19th?

Hi Cathy, I want to say Thank You for the job you and the girls did. My shower, the whole bathroom looked like a new bathroom. Even my grandchildren said “WOW” mommom, look at your shower, it looks clean. Thanks, they did a wonderful job. Kathleen

Margarita – Beautiful job! I know it was a mess from all the sand outside. Thanks again so much. Rachel

Cathy Ann, I just wanted to thank you again for coming to the rescue. As my grandfather was in the hospital, your team accomodated our schedule and worked miracles in his house. The fact that you coordinated all of this over the phone, with complete professionalism and flexibility, with someone from out of state really meant a lot during a difficult time. Thanks again! Bill

Rachel called Margarita today and told her that her house sparkled. She was pleased that all the doors and baseboards were really clean. She told Margarita that she was very happy with her work.

Mike from Blackwood "We really like the job you guys did the other day so we want to hire you full time and we will have a key for you the next time you come."

Good Morning Cathy Ann, this is Carl and I am moving and want to thank you for your wonderful service and I won’t be needing your service any more. I want to Thank you for being prompt and everything; especially Marcella. She is such a wonderful, wonderful girl. She is quiet when doing her work and she is an excellent young lady. I will recommend you any time. Thanks you so much , goodbye. Carl R

Hi Cathy this is Carol H, I got home from the hospital yesterday and I want to thank you so much, your girls did an excellent excellent job under my husband instructions. Look forward to the next cleaning. Carol H

I am very pleased the way the house turned out and I realized all the effort it took. Fredda

Hi Cathy: The crew did a great job. The house looked great when they were done! Can we set up every other week cleaning starting the first or second week of January? Every other Monday would be ideal. Happy Holidays! -- Sarah

Hi Cathy Ann,
I just wanted to call and tell you " How wonderful is was for me to walk into my home, and have it is so clean. I have been very busy and can not do everything." Next cleaning wil be in a few weeks. – Deborah R

Happy Thanksgiving!
Samantha called to tell me that Oleg's crew did a great job and she wants to schedule a cleaning for every week. Thanks — Cathy Ann

"Hi Cathy. Just wanted to let you know that Margarita and her girls did a great job. I wanted to make sure you have scheduled her to clean for us every two weeks, on Thursdays. Thanks!"

Thank you for being so accommodating. The ladies were incrediable and did a teriffic job. Every thing was a success and I just wanted to call you and say thank you and find out what the cost will be for a monthly cleaning. — Roxann

Thank you so much for sending Margarita and her co-worker to my condo. She did a beautiful job -- my home has not been this clean since I came back to Cherry Hill six years ago! I'm no longer able to do the job myself and she reminds me so much of the cleaning service I had at my home in Pennsylvania for the ten years I was there. Please let Margarita know how much I appreciate her work and I look forward to hearing from her when she sets up her schedule for the coming months.
Again, thanks. — Laura

Your team did an excellant job. Can we get on your regular schedule starting next week? Thanks — Frank

I am calling to tell you that I am extremely happy with the work that Margarita and her crew did cleaning my home. Words cannot express how wonder they did. I am looking forward to my next cleaning in two weeks from now and I already spoke to Margarita. Please tell them they did a fantastic job and I am very very happy with what they did and that means a lot coming from me because that is the way I am. I am glad I came on board with your company. — Joyce

Debbie says, "Thanks for taking such good care of my home."

Ira cleaned Dr. Y's condo, and after the cleaning the doctor called and told Cathy
Ann, "The cleaning was PHENOMENAL, it was just phenomenal!" The doctor said
that Ira paid attention to details, and she asked herself, "Why didn't I do this three
years ago?" The doctor said, " If Cathy Ann had service in Virginia, my parents
would like to have you clean their house too.” Again the doctor said "The cleaning
was phenomenal!"

“Thank you for keeping your word. I will be sure to call you the next house that
goes vacant.”

Brandy called me to let me know that Margarita's crew was doing a fabulous job,
even when they were not supervised. Also, she was extremely pleased to have the ladies in her home because they are very sweet people.

Chris called me to let me know that his wife was away and that Tetyanan was
doing a great job.

I am so thrilled at the quality of the work done in my home on Bentwood Drive.
My husband called me while you were there and was telling me everything the crew was cleaning. He and I both are impressed! Thank you. P.S. As soon as I got home from work I looked in cabinet and the windex was right where the crew left it. I told hubby he needs glasses.

Hi Cathy - The cleaning your crew did for me last week was very good. I'd like to schedule the next cleaning for either Monday or Tuesday of next week, Dec. 22-23. Please let me know if either will work. Thanks! Mary Beth

Hi Cathy Ann, I recently used your cleaning service for my townhome on Banwell Lane. I believe it was Oleg that cleaned yesterday. I wanted to thank you, as overall,
I was pretty pleased. There were 2 items I wanted to bring to your attention. First,
it appeared as though a cleaner was put on the top of my stove, but never wiped off. also, there were shoe prints all over the kitchen floor, where it looked like someone mopped and then walked while it was still wet. Again, overall, I was very happy.
The tub never looked so clean. Also, if I did not already make it clear, I do want to continue with your service every other Wednesday. If there is any way to have me
put on the schedule for a morning cleaning, that would be preferred, as my husband does get home from work around 2:00 pm and I would rather not have anyone home during the cleaning. Thanks! Carrie

Hi Cathy, Just want to thank you and your associate for doing a terrific job on our house today. How nice to come home to the fresh clean smell! Do you have a schedule for the regular monthly cleanings? Do you do it monthly or every four weeks? Let
me know so I can get it on the calendar. Thanks again and have a great weekend.
— Cindy

Hi Cathy Ann, Please thank Marguerita for finding Debby's bracelet and leaving it on the table. We appreciate her effort and her integrity, very much! Jay and Deb

Joanna is a client that gave her parents a gift certificate for house cleaning and she wrote me a note: Cathy Ann - My parents were thrilled with the cleaning. Thanks

Our house looked great. We would like to continue with the standard cleaning every two weeks. It doesn't matter which day of the week but would like it to be the same day every two weeks for planning, etc. I assume we had everything you needed, however, the tile and grout cleaner that you have would be fine and you can just let us know and we will add it to the check. Thanks. Please let us know. How was Molly during your visit? — Lori and Michael C.

Sharon called me to thank me again and she said, "I want to thank you again.
I had to go and get some blood work done and when I came home, I could smell
my clean house from the outside door. I will never let it get that bad again. I really appreciated your hard work." — Sharon

When we finished cleaning Jamie's home said. "Thank you. It feels good to have
the house clean. You did a thorough cleaning, things sparkle that I never knew
could sparkle." — Jamie

After the first cleaning, Marie's husband came home and took her out to dinner.
He did not want her to get the house dirty because it was so clean. When they woke up the next morning again he told her not to touch anything and she said, Bill they will be back in two weeks — Marie M

We were very please to see our shower so clean also, the coffee pot was even cleaned — Patricia R

Hi Cathy Ann! I was pretty happy with the job you and the others did on Thursday! Please telephone me to schedule a regular cleaning day and time, hopefully beginning two weeks from last Thursday or Friday. My next -door neighbor stopped me yesterday morning to ask how I felt about the work you did for me. I was very complimentary. She then told me you had an appointment for an estimate scheduled for this Monday. Hope it works out for you — CHC

First of all, let me say that I was incredibly IMPRESSED with the job your crew did at my house. I did not recognize the floors, including the carpets. I know they are pretty stained, but I know you didn't use my vacuum to get those results! My bathroom felt truly clean for the first time since I've moved in. You're staff are truly dedicated to excellence. Wow! I am extremely pleased! It felt so good to get home yesterday and have the place in such great shape. — Susan

Great timing. I'll be far away by then. You do a great job-I am glad to refer you to
my friends. — Jonathan

Jonathan — You are the fourth house to be cleaned, we will arrive between 3:00 - 3:30 P.M., Thursday, August 1st. Thank you for your referrals. Regards, Cathy Ann

Cathy Ann — The house was very clean and smelled fresh. I will get the ammonia
and Comet Cleanser prior to your next visit. Look forward to your next visit. — Scott

Cathy Ann: Thanks anyway... thought I could ask you to clean before he returns from vacation. As I am staying with Dad for awhile, I am looking forward to meeting you and your staff - he speaks very highly of you. Thanks again — Carol

Dear Cathy Ann: Thank you very much for yesterday. Once again we really appreciate having your staff correct the problems. They did a beautiful job. Take care and we'll see you next week. — Debby J.

Hi Cathy Ann: I'm not sure its feasible to remove the fixture. As you indicated in your earlier email, if you dust it on a regular basis, that will be sufficient. Thanks for your attention to detail.. See you Wednesday. — Lisa.

You and your staff did a wonderful job….. my home looks beautiful! On the next scheduled visit, could the ceiling corners and woodwork (doors) be wiped down? They are really in need. I’ll purchase more Tilex and Lysol All Purpose Cleaner. — Pat W

I wanted to know if you could start coming every three weeks instead of four. That would be great if you could. I wish I could afford to have you guys come every week, you do such a great job! Thanks! — Paula

Cathy Ann - Thank you very much for cleaning my house on Monday. I was so pleased to go home after work and see how clean and fresh my house was and smelled wonderful. I look forward to you coming again. It is a wonderful feeling to walk into a house that is clean and fresh. I am grateful to find someone who does exactly what they say. My house was just spectacular. Thank you for all the hard work you put into my house. I know it was a lot. You got me motivated to finish the baby's room b/c everything else was so nice. Have a great Memorial weekend, and I'll see you in two weeks. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. - Joanna M

I am very happy with your cleaning job. It is easier for me to maintain and the kids like it too. Thank you so much. I am especially happy since this weekend I worked both days and won't have a day off until this coming Saturday. And I will put you on for every third Monday, the 20th being the next. Stay well — Elaine

The house looked great last week. Thanks! — Barb

Cathy Ann — Thanks for a great job. Happy holidays. — Theresa T.

Thanks for a great job! — Katherine H.

Hi Cathy Ann! Thanks for coming here today and making our home sparkle! — Debbie J.

Cathy Ann — Thank you for your services over the past year. You do excellent work and if the opportunity arises again for your services to be used, I will certainly call!
Do you go to Ocean City?? Just kidding! Take care. — Lisa

Girls — Enjoy your Easter weekend! Treat yourselves to something good on me!
— Leigh

I did not recognize my own home! I thought I had walked into the wrong place!
— Jonathan G.

I need to invite someone over, but I do not want to cook because I do not want to dirty the stove, but I have to invite someone over because it looks so nice!
— Marge G.

Thank you for taking care of my home for me. — Charles J.

Cathy Ann — I want to tell you how beautiful my house looks. It hasn't been this clean since way before I moved in! They did such a wonderful, wonderful job I just wanted to tell you how happy and pleased I am with your services and tell everyone how grateful I am. — Alexis D.

Cathy Ann — Jerry & I decided you need this much-deserved raise. We have much more "stuff" to vacuum & dust around than when you started a couple of years ago.
I don't know what I would do without you! — Leigh

My kitchen and bathroom was meticulously cleaned by Ira. She used to keep a her home meticulously clean but her age does not let her do that any more. Ira cleaned her kitchen and bathroom the way she used to clean. Everything in the bathroom and kitchen was cleaned. She said that if she has any request, they can not eat in her kitchen or use her bathroom because the rooms are so clean. She does not want anybody to get the rooms dirty. She said they can use her backyard. When Charlotte saw her tub and how clean and white it is now, she called her sister to tell her about the work that Ira did. She now has a super clean white tub. She said that Ira is a very special person and she looks forward to her coming back next month to clean the living room and bedroom. She said that Ira is very nice and polite. — Charlotte

"Laura: Our place looks fantastic. You did an amazing job with our bathroom and kitchen. The latter is so clean, we don't want to cook now! We'd like to have you come back next month. Thanks to Cathy Ann for leaving her marketing materials on our door." — Heather and Dave

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